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Title Series Issues Dates Notes Abe Sapien #1-36 (#11-46) Apr 2013 – Aug 2016 #1 (#11-46) Nov 2013 #1 for $1 edition Abe Sapien: Drums of the Dead

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Abe Sapien - Wikipedia Abraham 'Abe' Sapien, born Langdon Everett Caul, is a fictional character introduced in the comic book series Hellboy, created by Mike Mignola. He takes his name from

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Cursed with Awesome - TV Tropes The Cursed with Awesome trope as used in popular culture. Sooner or later, that something you really wanted nothing to do with is going to be what saves you …

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Stripboekhandel De Noorman Saga. De ballade van Dusty 2: Onder de hoede van de freaks Verenigde Staten, jaren 1930. De Grote Depressie! Zoals veel arme families die het slachtoffer werden van.

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Dark Horse Comics Entire contents trademarked (® or ™) and copyrighted (©) 1986-2018 by Dark Horse Comics Inc. and its respective licensors. Dark Horse, Dark Horse Comics, and the.

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Hellboy & B.P.R.D. (Mignolaverse) - Timeline - The. View Comments This is the timeline for the complete Mignola-verse, containing every canon Hellboy, B.P.R.D., Abe Sapien, Lobster Johnson, Witchfinder, and.

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Abe Sapien: The Drowning and Other Stories: Mike Mignola. Abe Sapien: The Drowning and Other Stories [Mike Mignola, John Arcudi, Jason Shawn Alexander, Patric Reynolds, Peter Snejbjerg] on *FREE* shipping on.